Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hey Jeremy Piven!

I saw you on David Letterman while I was flippin over from Jay Leno and you were talking about your cell phone in the toilet incident. (All you video clip junkies know how to find it on the internet, I've already seen it and if you don't know how to find it, well tough.) I was laughing when you mention the phone getting bagged in rice method didn't work on the phone. I would think it would've worked too. I do have a way that works. I once dropped my phone, unknowingly, into a soft side cooler several inches full of ice water. You know the kind you can't hold your hand in for more than 10 seconds? Ice cold water still floating with miniature ice bergs. When I went looking for it I realized my phone had sat in there submerged into hand freezing temperatures for at least 45 minutes. I knew it was a goner. But knowing how costly it would be to replace and the time involved getting a replacement, I had to revive it. I immediately noticed the screen was partially working. I immediately shut it down. Then I wrapped it in a towel and dried it quickly. This is where you get creative. Use cosmetic brushes, q-tips, or eye shadow applicators and clean every crevasse and crack of any moisture you can find. This is where you get lucky. If you are lucky enough to own a 1950'S O'Keeffe & Merit stove or some other 50's model with vents for the heat at the top of the stove then you will have no trouble with the next part. Set the phone, with the oven off, on the heat vent. Make sure to slide it open if its a slider model. You then come once a hour for 4-6 hours and flip it over each time. Lastly let it sit on a warm heat source for overnight. Turn your phone on and proceed where you left off the day before. I would think you would be safe in your situation after heating the germs away too.

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