Friday, July 2, 2010

When you can't control the wind...

...adjust your sails.
A message, not in a bottle, but on the back of a Dove candy wrapper. All Dove fans know about the hidden messages inside. The message also credits Brenda of Schofield, WI for submission. I bet many Louisiana fisherman can tell you that one as it seems they have been living that statement to its core for over 5 years now.  I think its time as a nation we all take heed of that warning. The gulf tragedy is only in its infancy with the amount of problems we will face. I am sure the President got his 'adjust' message at G20 when the push was to reduce deficits by half of GDP by 2013; that would put us at 3-4 percent or how many Trillion in three years? I want to say they were joking but I can't. I also want to say we can do it but I know we can't. When you sit on the sidelines long enough you learn the game. This has been a great time of learning soccer for many US fans. I love soccer. I wanted to play when I was a teen but knew it would end up giving me a knee injury I would regret later in life, having had a major injury already when I was a child. Its been fun learning the playoff ranks for World Cup and how it all breaks down. I have mastered it enough to keep on top of it above my husband and many friends. The game we need to master is a real life version of survivor for the United States I choose to nickname "Bootstraps".  I don't know how many have noticed, but this ship is going down and it doesn't matter which branch of defence you are in military, homegrown militia, or just pacifist, we are all in the same army when it comes to what country we love. We may be at the stage of just sprung a leak' to some but any way you look at it, its a bad situation and its time to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps. There are not enough lifeboats.

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