The Sicilian Frugalista List of Secrets

Things most people don't know about me:

I am compulsive. I think everyone is to an extent. My compulsiveness is that I must write with a black pen, prefrrably the roller ball or gel type. People will offer me their blue ball points and I just shudder inside. OK, except for that, I think I am like everybody else, right?

I do go and sit up on a roof sometimes when it is really nice and quiet and I can hear the wind. It can be quite beautiful even when you live in the city.

I am a revised pack rat. I used to keep things with a purpose which I usually didn't get around to because of other distractions. Of course I still collect things but I am much more strict on allowing myself to bring something I found home unless I have a specific purpose in mind for the items or things. I will usually get excited if you are presenting me with something you think I would like even if I can't really envision getting that said item....especially when I am paying for it and it becomes a very cool garden cart which I can't do without.

I haven't figured out my hourly wage if I were paid but I think it would be something equvalent to my husbands doubletime per hour. Thats taking is concideration what you would pay for each job I do in my home, the money I save doing the jobs myself and the materials I obtain for free. Nice thing about found objects, the government hasn't found a way to tax them yet. They tax the dollars you pay in fees to bank and credit cards even, they'll find a way alright.

I haven't used a heating system in my home in over 20 years(or air conditioning for that matter).

I, like most dog's, like to stick my head out the window while driving in a car. But I am more loyal than any dog you own, dead or alive.


Please keep checking back as I think of more secrets.